Tuesday, 9 October 2007

babies and apples.

We gave Taylor and apple. we cut a hole in it so she could taste it, lol. she was so sweet and kept licking it.

My step sister dropped her baby off Thursday night, so i had her all night till Friday lunch time. and she was an angel!
so we did some photos in the morning. not for long though, it was quite chilly. you might be able to tell from her slightly purple cheeks :)

Holly and i have been doing some work for Irregular Choice shoes, but cant post the photos till December :( i hate when I'm enthusiastic about something, but cant share it. oh well, soon enough.
gotta go get the house ready for the baby tomorrow. ugh, never ending cleaning!


Elizabeth said...

I love these.. and your sisters baby with those blue eyes what a gorgeous baby... Hey how was your visit with Matts family any shots from that? Hope you are both well

Nadia said...

She so cute!!!!!

Jennifer said...

OMG these are too cute! I love that outfit and the one of her sitting in the chair, too cute!