Friday, 19 October 2007

Not in the mood!

just for fun... i HAD to post these, they're just too funny! and horrible may i add.

this was all she gave me yesterday.

'No more photos'

OK, so i got one sweet one.

well i can write while the baby naps, she's not asleep yet, just singing in the cot.

its freezing here today, i mean like serious winter cold. although for the first time this year, the sky's are clear and blue. I need to find some good indoor locations. I was thinking of checking out some museums around London. but i doubt many would let me shoot there.
its funny, my sister and i seem to get into the weirdest locations. last week we were in a nightclub, but we turned up late, so instead of one or two people being there, there were about 60 guys round the bar. not good when you have to wear a tiny tutu and a corset while sitting on the bar surrounded by tiny red toadstools. lol, we got such funny looks. come December, ill upload the shots we got.
Maybe a hotel, hmmm, better go make some phone calls.


Elizabeth said...

I definatly think you could talk anyone into letting you shoot at any location.. I also dont think these photos are bad at all.. I actually quite like them all

Jess said...

I know that a lot of people shoot at hotels. Another good option is a pretty university campus, if you have one nearby. =)

jen said...

i just love your conversions!

Nadia said...

Oh these are precious!