Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Sneek Peek

at the babies today. but just a quick one, not going to disturb them until the weekend arrives, so i can be sure the mother wont eat them :( there are 6 i think.

Processed with Amanda's amazing new actions which can be seen here.

and two of the little beast........

i love this of her.

Anyone else think she looks like Boo from Monsters inc here?

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Gemma's Awesome RAW Presets.

Tried out a few of Gemma's awesome RAW Presets.

here are some examples (no tweeking!!) click to view bigger.

these photos were a little dark, the light in this room is horrible.

am loving the bnw's. but check out this colour!
(best viewed bigger)

enjoy the rest of your weekend guys, it late/early here

Thursday, 25 October 2007

I am sorry, i cant stop posting from this mini session i had on Tuesday :) i was only with her and hour.
beautiful clothes by Matilda Jane Clothing

I promise, i did not ask for this, i prefer them a little more natural, but with a 3yr old ill take what i can get. especially if its this cute.

today was a lovely day, despite the weather. i had my last driving lesson before my test (which i need to book), the baby was so nicely behaved in the car. and she's getting so funny now too.

Oooo, and also some news, slightly more interesting than my daily verbal vomit i usually post. Anyone remember this bunny??? well...him and his sister have been up to no good, and last Friday she gave birth to what i think is 5 healthy pink babies. Not sure how many yet because we cant hold them. So exciting for a make-believe spring shoot Denise ;)

anyway, back to photos.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Did some test shots with the sweetest little 3 yr old yesterday, i have so many photos, cant think of where to start. She was so funny, every second, a different pose. It was as if someone had told her what to do (and no one had)

just click to view bigger....

Better get back to work. more later perhaps.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Not in the mood!

just for fun... i HAD to post these, they're just too funny! and horrible may i add.

this was all she gave me yesterday.

'No more photos'

OK, so i got one sweet one.

well i can write while the baby naps, she's not asleep yet, just singing in the cot.

its freezing here today, i mean like serious winter cold. although for the first time this year, the sky's are clear and blue. I need to find some good indoor locations. I was thinking of checking out some museums around London. but i doubt many would let me shoot there.
its funny, my sister and i seem to get into the weirdest locations. last week we were in a nightclub, but we turned up late, so instead of one or two people being there, there were about 60 guys round the bar. not good when you have to wear a tiny tutu and a corset while sitting on the bar surrounded by tiny red toadstools. lol, we got such funny looks. come December, ill upload the shots we got.
Maybe a hotel, hmmm, better go make some phone calls.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Light, Texture & MJC

sorry this is a top for a 2yr old, but it looked so pretty on her and fitted as a dress so well :) plus i dont have anyone coming for photos till next tuesday, so i wanted to get creative.
i didn't get many good pics today, Taylor was SO grumpy and uncooperative, which is very unlike her. but she perked up in the late afternoon and we went for a nice walk.

she's getting so strong now too!

if you have the time, click on this one, its not a great photo, but she looks so damn pretty in it!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Some test shots.....

Things are looking good at the moment, been so busy, which is good, and i have so much house work to do. our washing built up so bad, Ive bagged it and shoved it in the shed, haha, its waiting to go to the laundrette, we have limited clothing and towls, i just cant seem to find the time to sort all this crap out.
i hate that the house is covered in baby things, yet we have no kids. No kidding, every corner you look at has toys, changing stuff, baby clothes, teddy's, baby chairs, push chairs....it goes on and on. Our spare room is now Taylor's room, for her crib etc.

but then i guess its a small price to pay, when i get to look at and photograph that gorgeous little face everyday. she just gets sweeter and sweeter. She can pull her self up on the furniture now.

Matilda Jane Clothing

just playing...we liturally went out for 10mins to the woods at the back of my house to try out this cute little outfit sent to us last week.

more test shots to come this week and next.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

8 Months

OK, i found out something awesome with the baby this morning, have you ever met an 8month old who can wear french braids in their hair??? :)
Check out these locks...

i didn't get any better ones unfortunately. she didn't want to be cooperative :)

Oh, and i love this photo! she's such a darling.
Must get to bed, she arrived at 6 this morning and I'm wrecked!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

babies and apples.

We gave Taylor and apple. we cut a hole in it so she could taste it, lol. she was so sweet and kept licking it.

My step sister dropped her baby off Thursday night, so i had her all night till Friday lunch time. and she was an angel!
so we did some photos in the morning. not for long though, it was quite chilly. you might be able to tell from her slightly purple cheeks :)

Holly and i have been doing some work for Irregular Choice shoes, but cant post the photos till December :( i hate when I'm enthusiastic about something, but cant share it. oh well, soon enough.
gotta go get the house ready for the baby tomorrow. ugh, never ending cleaning!