Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Some test shots.....

Things are looking good at the moment, been so busy, which is good, and i have so much house work to do. our washing built up so bad, Ive bagged it and shoved it in the shed, haha, its waiting to go to the laundrette, we have limited clothing and towls, i just cant seem to find the time to sort all this crap out.
i hate that the house is covered in baby things, yet we have no kids. No kidding, every corner you look at has toys, changing stuff, baby clothes, teddy's, baby chairs, push chairs....it goes on and on. Our spare room is now Taylor's room, for her crib etc.

but then i guess its a small price to pay, when i get to look at and photograph that gorgeous little face everyday. she just gets sweeter and sweeter. She can pull her self up on the furniture now.

Matilda Jane Clothing

just playing...we liturally went out for 10mins to the woods at the back of my house to try out this cute little outfit sent to us last week.

more test shots to come this week and next.


Elizabeth said...

Amelia... love these shots.. they are simply gorgeous.. and I also love the notion that your house if filled with baby stuff and you dont actually have a child of your own yet.. teehee that cracks me up..

Jess said...

OMGOMGOMG I love the first shot! She looks soooo sweet, and the lighting is fantastic.

I *need* to buy MJ clothing when I have a baby. Makes me wish I was small enough to wear it myself. XD

Gemma said...

oh i just ADORE that first shot! what a beauty!
it's just gorgeous..
and I agree with Jess - I so can't wait to have a little girl and hope I can get some stunning things! xx

jen said...

i love these! the colors are amazing. and she is so cute!!!

Amanda K said...

Ohhh TDF already!! I'm so jealous that you have a spot like that just outside - crazy! We have crap all around here and it sucks when I get spontaneiously inspired :P Taylor is such a doll baby.