Thursday, 25 October 2007

I am sorry, i cant stop posting from this mini session i had on Tuesday :) i was only with her and hour.
beautiful clothes by Matilda Jane Clothing

I promise, i did not ask for this, i prefer them a little more natural, but with a 3yr old ill take what i can get. especially if its this cute.

today was a lovely day, despite the weather. i had my last driving lesson before my test (which i need to book), the baby was so nicely behaved in the car. and she's getting so funny now too.

Oooo, and also some news, slightly more interesting than my daily verbal vomit i usually post. Anyone remember this bunny??? well...him and his sister have been up to no good, and last Friday she gave birth to what i think is 5 healthy pink babies. Not sure how many yet because we cant hold them. So exciting for a make-believe spring shoot Denise ;)

anyway, back to photos.


Elizabeth said...

You have to be mindful of those bunny rabbits they do that you know.. get up to no good and make from what I am understand lots of babies.. teehee.. cant wait to see some shots.. let me know if you need some help with names I will put Cierra on the case.. also.. LOVE These images they are awesome.. and I have to check out that website I think Her Highness needs some of these clothes

Yusuf Hashim said...

oh i love all the photos.
could you share with me, what lenses do you use to shoot them?

Anonymous said...

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