Friday, 23 May 2008

vintage and things

The Old Convenient Store

So for the last week, my sister in law and i have been on the look out for antique children's things to use as props. here are a few little cute things we found so far....

Imagine full of blankets and in a feild of long grass, or forest area....

This little chair is so tiny, like sized for a 2yr old.

a lot of the things we got we will fix up, like this yellow gardening kit, we'll paint.

I got a load of vintage cotton dresses also, just no photos yet!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

a few gifts

Some shots of a few gifts given to us so far for the baby. We registered yesterday at Target (how fun huh!)
Things are getting close......99days to go.

have a few little dresses and sun suits,

this gorgeous little teddy from my little brother and sister

and her first pair of Italian Leather shoes brought in Italy from my Father. They live in the south of France, an hour drive away from Italy, and he loves their shoes. I have to admit, they are the softest leather and just beautiful.

And this is the first appearance of the bump, 26 weeks tomorrow.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, so ill go take some photos of the neighbourhood and our house.
We got a new bed and dresser delivered today, its starting to look like a house almost.