Saturday, 29 September 2007

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

The baby came to me sick this week, but behaved SO well. I was able to get stuff done as she slept so much. But by Thursday night i was, sick sick sick :( and in the night high fever, i couldn't walk and my body just hurt so much, so i couldn't work, clean, or do anything!
Its weird, seems that when ever people get ill a little, i get like 10times more ill. I do not have the best immune system.
Matt's gone to pick up his brother and sister-in-law, and I'm left to....well....clean :) (or play on my computer hmmm...)

didn't really get to take many photos this week, Taylor wasn't up for it, then neither was I.

but i took these after a well needed bath and a long nightmarish pooping session (Taylor's, not mine) it was a disaster!!! when i layher on the mat, it went all up her back, through her clothes, on her arms, neck, hands, in her hair....everywhere. I couldn't even work out how to move her from downstairs up to the bath, ugh....
but doesn't she look angelic here, lol considering what we'd just been through.

well, better go do something. its almost midnight and im sure matt and co will show up soon.


Gemma said...

oh I love that last one!! so beautiful... the tones are beautiful.. xx

jen said...

those are beautiful pictures. i was cracking up over the poop story!! i've been there too:-)

Jess said...

Aww, poor baby (and poor you)! I hope you guys both feel better soon, and that the poopy situation doesn't ever ever crop up again! XD

Still, what sweet photos.

Elizabeth said...

Oh.. No.. I hope you are feeling better.. It seems once you get sick from a child its always 10 times worse for the adult.. not sure why that is.. and they get over it 10 times quicker too.. ( go figure )How is your visit going with your brother and sister in law? doing lots of fun stuff? cant wait to see what you guys have been up too.. The baby looks beautiful in all these images sweet angelic not like the demon pooper she was earlier on.. teehee... Take it easy girl..