Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Light, Texture & MJC

sorry this is a top for a 2yr old, but it looked so pretty on her and fitted as a dress so well :) plus i dont have anyone coming for photos till next tuesday, so i wanted to get creative.
i didn't get many good pics today, Taylor was SO grumpy and uncooperative, which is very unlike her. but she perked up in the late afternoon and we went for a nice walk.

she's getting so strong now too!

if you have the time, click on this one, its not a great photo, but she looks so damn pretty in it!!!


Jess said...
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Jess said...

What is it about baby chub that is so ridiculously endearing? I mean, it looks scary sometimes (like, isn't my baby disproportionately FAT?! lol), but nobody can help pinching it, or cooing over it. Babies just have us wrapped around all of their little fingers.

Anyways, she looks so beautiful. As always. :)

Elizabeth said...

Love those stripie tights with the top/dress and the vintagie feel to the images.. she is such a cutie

Jen said...

there is that fence beautiful, and I DO think it is a good shot!