Saturday, 29 September 2007

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

The baby came to me sick this week, but behaved SO well. I was able to get stuff done as she slept so much. But by Thursday night i was, sick sick sick :( and in the night high fever, i couldn't walk and my body just hurt so much, so i couldn't work, clean, or do anything!
Its weird, seems that when ever people get ill a little, i get like 10times more ill. I do not have the best immune system.
Matt's gone to pick up his brother and sister-in-law, and I'm left to....well....clean :) (or play on my computer hmmm...)

didn't really get to take many photos this week, Taylor wasn't up for it, then neither was I.

but i took these after a well needed bath and a long nightmarish pooping session (Taylor's, not mine) it was a disaster!!! when i layher on the mat, it went all up her back, through her clothes, on her arms, neck, hands, in her hair....everywhere. I couldn't even work out how to move her from downstairs up to the bath, ugh....
but doesn't she look angelic here, lol considering what we'd just been through.

well, better go do something. its almost midnight and im sure matt and co will show up soon.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Busy Busy.....

...but i like it.

Matts brother and sister in-law are coming this coming weekend...and i dont know if you read my first post, but if you did, you'll know what my house looked like (box mazes), and its not much im SO busy trying to get it sorted!!! including painting the second bedroom because i am an idiot and get stupid ideas into my head!
ill try photograph it when im done...if ever.

I managed to fit in a shoot with the cutest little boy EVER!!! well, cutest around here :)

here are a few of my fav's......

and one last of the cutie pants baby!

Friday, 14 September 2007

Baby in the Graveyard

I've been inspired by Amanda's cemetery work since i found her on flickr.

i just love the textures on the old stone and the decay of the surroundings. and today, i found a tiny yet beautiful little cemetery with the most AMAZINGLY decorated iron doors. i will be returning when I'm fully prepared. i cant wait till i can drive and go seeking more interesting places to shoot my little muse :) she was so sweet today!

they look much better large, click to view full size.

i swear she'll be crawling in a matter of weeks. I'm training her at the moment.

this one looks SO much better bigger, all you do is click :)

And now for some silliness.
i have been teaching her some baby signs, and she has mastered Hello and goodbye. she got it the first day we went through it. and thank you is proving a little harder.

shes so gorgeous. and only 8months, i have to keep reminding myself that...she's so funny.