Thursday, 2 August 2007

Vintage XP

I wanted to take the baby out today to get some photos, but just as i'd fed, cleaned, got her to sleep in the pram and ready to rained!!! i couldnt believe it! its been gorgeous weather all week except today after lunch! hmmmm

so i took some of her for about 5mins on the bench in my garden. so not the best compositions, but i've been dying to play with amandas actions and get some photos of this new coat i brought for taylor (on sale for just £4/$8)

she lookd like a doll in it, cuz its HUGE on her!

thinking hard....or fishing for teeth, either way, i liked the expression :)

Maybe ill have better luck tomorrow......


Amanda K said...

OOh wow. The action looks gorgeous on those pics... I LOVE her curls, and OMG that jacket - dying here, don't spose they have more, right? ;)

--erica said...

that jacket is amazing! wow!

e said...

These actions look fab on these pictures.. Well done.. I really need to play with Amanda's actions more.. you are getting amazing results.