Sunday, 19 August 2007

Rain at the beach

but it couldn't stop us!! hahahaha,
2 hours swimming in the sea with the wind and rain crashing against us, and I'm still alive, so are the kids we took (although slightly bluer than usual). didn't get many photos because of the rain and sand against my camera kept causing an error.

but here are a few...

this is my sisters little niece Georgia...she's the coolest little kid....ran straight into the water on sight! her lips went blue before we could get her out!

Matt had gone to Holland for the week because of work, and the coolest part is i get to go meet him there Thursday, and spend the weekend expect some photos of the amazing city Amsterdam :)

but before that, I'm finally gonna make a start and finish on getting the house sorted :( its such a big job, what with all my dad's stuff from storage which i cant seem to shift. but its GOING to go!!!! I'm determined!

Oh and finish on some SP tonight, makeup and idea by holly, all done with one eyeliner and a lipstick (all the makeup i own lol)


eLiZaBeTh said...

Love these.. I am currently on holiday but had to check in

Shelly Geller said...

You have got extemely intriguing images! What a joy they are to look at! You have a WONDERFUL eye for color and composition. Thank you so much for the beautiful picture you took of the balloon for my little guy for his birthday. . . I sincerely love it and love the thought and time you put into helping me celebrate on an exceptionally hard day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Two Mittens said...

I love the beach shots and your baby girl! You have a great style.

jen said...

those beach shots are so cool! what conversions do you use?

Gemma said...

Hi there.. I think this is my first comment on your blog... so i'm stopping in to say HELLO!!
i love your work.. and wanted to say so!

Angie Penrose said...

Love your work. You have a really great style. :)