Monday, 13 August 2007

Last week...

We had a bit of a funky week last week. Visited lots of fun places with the baby, got a tonne of animals (well....two rabbits and a bird, but that's a lot for our tiny house!) just wanted to share some 'Taylor Art' from last week. I've decided to do some themed art with the kid, to make her photos more interesting and nice for her mama.

this reminded me of a REALLY classical portrait, but i just love how she's covered in her dinner!!! to me, it add the extra 'zing'.

attempt....but just a practise.

"No more photos!!"
i just liked her silly expression here

well....gotta get going, night x


Amanda K said...

She has the most wonderful old fashioned charm look to her face. Such a doll. I love ALL the pics - and the food on the 'classic' shot is SO funny. I love it!

eLiZaBeTh said...

She is such a cutie.. I LOVE The one with the Tat and the DO thats my fav of the bunch.. way cool