Monday, 30 July 2007


i finally got some moneys to get some of Amanda's" Actions ...not had a lot of time to play with them yet, but ill hopefully get time to take some photos of the baby this week.

this is my niece Emily, she's so gorgeous!!! i really want to do a proper shoot with her sometime. she's great with the camera too :)

more later im sure!


Amanda K said...

Oh my goodness... she has this amazing classic old-hollywood style beauty to her. Gorgeous pics.. I hope you do more SOON!

D.Lauren said...

I really love that first one. I agree...very timeless, classic beauty. Great job!

eLiZaBeTh said...

These are brilliant Amelia.. She is gorgeous.. she has that classic timeless beauty about her.. like she is perfect for any era.. love the B&W's here.. awesome work girl

jen said...

these are beautiful and very unique. i love your style!