Saturday, 4 August 2007

Walking in Sunshine

, i HAD to share some of these before i take more and miss them.

my sister, niece Emily, Matt and i went for a walk in the beautiful sun today and found the most beautiful field....unfortunately, i don't have a wide angle lens, so mostly portraits *sigh* but i was quite pleased with them still.

so here are some ones i liked and goof ones also :) they look better bigger, just click to view large.

I love how tribal she looks.

She's wearing my long wrap around skirt as a dress, cuz her clothes were WAY to 'hip' for my liking :)


This was her idea for a picture. she wanted to pretend she had long green hair!

Matt spent the entire time trying to make her laugh, i gave up in the end and just left them to it!

(holly and Matt posing for me)

ahhh, off to soak up more sun, the weather is being so kind to us this weekend, and after the MONTHS of rain and grey skies, i am so thankfull!!!


Kelsi said...

I love your pictures! Especially the one in the header. It took a *gasp* from me! :)

Lola said...

Hon, you're the next Amanda Keeys, believe me. I've seen a looot of children photographers and.. biuf! :)

E said...

I love these espically the goofy ones near the end.. I love to see peoples real personalities showing up.. or coming out when they are really comfortable with the photographer. .Your niece is gorgeous.. love the first portraits of her.. Well done.. enjoy the sun.. its rainy here today but still hot.. almost 90. Oh and No.. I didnt make Jake's birthday cake.. grandma bought him an ice cream cake

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Stacey Woods said...

Oh goodness I love your cross processing blue/cyan tones here... Absolutely wonderful. You must share your secret, lol! ;)

Gorgeous work. Love your new blog banner. It's perfect!