Thursday, 30 August 2007

I've been Tagged... Amanda

hmmmm, 8 interesting things about myself, then tag 4 - 8 others to do the same

1) When I was a baby my aunt refused to believe that I was not a child from the movie 'Children of the Dammed' i was SOO serious and intense. By the age of 3 i could still fit in to the outfit my mother brought me home from hospital in and it freaked her out to see such a small person walking and talking. (i didn't grow till i was about 11 and now I'm 5ft6")
(3 and a half here)

2) Growing up from the age of about 8 i was beyond tomboy! i WAS a boy (or at least a girl in some serious denial!) untill you just cant deny by the age of 15...stupid boobs!!! photographic proof needed here also i think....

3) My mum is awesomely cool. among other things...when i was 9 she put my older sisters bra on me....stuffed it....and took me to see the 'Full Monty' while i should have been at school (the movie is a 15 in the UK)

4) i was a secret Michael Jackson fan...i wanted to BE Michael Jackson :)

5) I've always been afraid of upsetting people! i was SO good at school, never got detention, and loved mainly by the male teachers were my friends. I never wanted to leave school and miss it like a lost loved one. (its only been two years.)

6) I've never wanted to grow up beyond the age of 6. had some rough times after that and i guess that's where my mind lies of how i remember 'my family' oh, and i still sleep with my Rosie bear...who dispite the name, is and always was a boy. My uni friends teased me that i had a gender confused bear.

7) Music sends me back in time. i can literally feel it. I never talk about problems and i HATE mushy sentimental talking (although ill admit it is sometimes needed, but i don't do it.) and i don't like to remember the upsets me to think of happy times.

8) I'm a painter by heart. its what I'm best at, but i love how instant photography can be! especially film.

PHEW!!! lol, now who to tag.....if they've not already been tagged

Holly (who's blog I've forgotten....probably because she doesn't use it enough!)

Elizabeth Pellette
Kris Leigh
Jennifer Lee
Lauren Elyce (my links wont work :(

alright now i've been going through my old photos which i treasure so much....just wanted to share a few

Holly me and my brother Elliott

My mumma and me (isnt she beautiful)

me 4

My Magpie creatively and originally named Maggie

well that's enough of me for a while.


Gemma said...

I really like how you've gone down memory lane with your tag! Your mum is stunning! i love old photographs and the feeling of timelessness about them... i'm enjoying the tagging now.. (originally thought it was very chain letter-ish) but it's interesting to read new things about people..

Elizabeth said...

Hey.. thanks for the tag.. I already answered one 8 things about me tag but I will will see if I can come up with 8 more just for you.. :) LOVE these old photos your mom is gorgeous.. I love old photos.. there is something so fasinating about know.


KrisLeigh said...

That was so great to read Amelia and wonderful to look through your old photos! I'm not that interesting but I'll try :-)


Stacey Woods said...

Oh weren't you CUTE!! Love your little face with the magpie... adorable.

So nice reading more about you. I do enjoy your work! Off to look at more. ;)

Nadia said...

Oh just realized I was tagged. I'll try to post that in a day or two. You are so interesting. Loved reading about you.

Autumn said...

wow! fun facts. love the old photos. especially the magpie. that one begs to be bw!!!

Gemma said...

I'm sorry - i just realised that i've tagged you again! LOL
so i forgive you if you ignore me!! hehe
xxx - i need a good night sleep!!

Lauren said...

What wonderful pictures! Thank you for the tag... I have to try and find 8 people, LOL....

Wynona said...

I adore that last image! Such a perfect memory from childhood.