Friday, 13 July 2007

What a LONG week.

Learning to Sit

so glad its the weekend. I've been proofing all week for this prom photography we did for a performing arts school. my sister and i have been so busy, we did the set design, hair and make-up (for some) and all the photography....oh, and made a dress for one of the girls, talk about hectic. the theme was A Mid Summer Nights Dream, so it all had to be fairy-like and creative. dont you just LOVE huge rooms of 15yr olds :(

heres the link to some of the pics, im not over happy with them, but they're ok

and this week has been my second week with the adorable yet demanding little baby Taylor.

its hard cuz she cant sit up yet, and refuses to be in a separate room to me, or sit in any kind of chair for more that 3mins. so I'm trying to get housework, prom photos and other crap done with a drooling baby glued to my hip at all times. Man am i glad she goes home at nights :) she is lovely though, and is gonna make for some damn good photos!!!

here she was today in all her glory of cuteness!!!


Amanda K said...

Hahahah now imagine that x4 ;) I loooove the first shot, she looks like a little cherub!

e said...

Firs ot all these are awesome images of Taylor.. what a cutie.. second of all the images on the other proofing blog.. incredible.. love the blue dreamy background the dress's are awesome the colors are fantastic.. well done

jen said...

i just found your blog... super cool photo! and i like your conversions a lot!