Friday, 20 July 2007


ok so i finally got round to uploading some of my holiday snaps from Croatia. we had a heat wave while we were there...seriously it was too hot at 7am! so we didnt do too much sunning, but we got a lot of culture and a few nice photos.

this is the Dalmatian Coast in the evening

Me in Matts Glasses

this was in the city of Dubrovnik (the streets were SO old all the stone looks like marble.)

Matt looking over heated, but i love it still :)

Oh the Dalmatian Coast, man how i miss it.

Kirka Waterfalls.....sooc

this day was so hot, even though we had no towls, we had to swim.......i'd have died if we hadnt.

the Planes we took were very tiny and i needed the extra space, so matt went back via post :)


e said...

These are wonderful shots.. I espically like the one of Matt with you reflected in his glasses.. so cool.. love the landscapes too.. what a gorgeous country.. I had no idea..

jen said...

these are beautiful. that fist shot is so unique. i love it!

stacey woods said...

GORGEOUS vacation images, Milly! And thank you for mentioning my name/blogsite on your front page! How sweet you are. :) I enjoy viewing your work as well. Look forward to your next post!!

┼Żarko said...

Great photos, really nice. Just a small correction: it's "Krka" not "Kirka" waterfalls :)