Thursday, 29 November 2007


So our trip is over, not so good. but i have lots of photos to show, so that makes it ok. they're probably boring for you online buddies....but for the family here goes

is this pup the cutest or what!!!

these next photos are test shots for my new 10mm wide angle and new flash. Bizarre though they are...we were in the Wild Horse Saloon, learning how to line dance.

Me and Holly being silly


and again

Jessica (my sister-in-law) Holly (my sister) and me

well thats all for now. its almost 2am :( i hate jet lag.


Jess said...

Oooo 10mm?! I've been wanting one for months now! Congrats on the new prettiness.

And yes, that dog is utterly adorable. <3 said...

good stuff. looks like fun!

Elizabeth said...

Oh... sweet... looks like fun all of these shots are great.. love the new lens too congrats

Jennifer said...

oh cool you all where in TN, I live just north of Nashville! Well, I hope you had a nice trip!