Sunday, 11 November 2007

40D is here :D

Is finally here, and just in time for my bookings this week :) And its lovely!

Some photos of the Madam this week. she's becoming so mischiefs....and started crawling this week. Ive spent the last 3 days re-homing all objects below 3ft to the floor, *sigh* i need more storage!!!
these were pre 40D, window light, 400ISO

And these are post 40D :)

Photo above, 40wtt lamp to the side of her, no flash 500ISO (love 40D)

well, thats all. gotta get the house sorted, have a client coming round tomorrow, and its a state :(

Anyone got good tips on how to get into gear and actually get house work done?


Elizabeth said...

These are awesome.. Looks like you are rockin' that 40D really great stuff here but that last storyboard shot.. is fantastic

Jennifer said...

what a cutie I love the first three especially, I love those leggins!

Amanda K said...

I love them all but ooohhhh the last diptich is delightful.

Jen said...

you are so lucky to have gotten the 40d! i rented it a few months ago and reallyl enjoyed it. for now though, i am still using my 20d ..ah well, one day!

and by the way, the last photo of the little baby outside holding onto the fence is SOOOO rockin'!!! I am looking at that light going ..OMG...beautiful light and beautiful photos!