Friday, 7 December 2007

A Beautiful Girl

Need i say much more?

Title: She Chose the Cookie (click to see bigger, her face is so funny)

My friend Jessie and i took her to starbucks today, and had SO much fun, she's at a gorgeous age where she can do EVERYTHING alone!!! she really is just 'one of the girls' she's not into baby stuff, just wants to be around everyone and chat etc.


Elizabeth said...

She is just adorable Amelia.. really.. these shots are so delicate and pretty.. just like her well done

Gemma Higgins said...

too cute... look forward to the age where my son "behaves" in public... he's at that... i need a sitter if I want to go for coffee!! lol

love the processing of them too... very pretty!!

D.Lauren McConnell said...

Just darling. Love the vintage!

Jen said...

wow. what an adorable little girl!! seriously, these images are beautiful.