Monday, 25 June 2007

SO much to post!!!! first stop........little bro and sister

Back from honeymooon, was amazing, but i have so many photos to go through, im gonna start from the start.

I hardly ever get to see my little loves anymore since my dad moved them out to france. but i was so lucky they came to my wedding party last friday.
i didnt get much chance to photograph them, but i couldnt miss the chance to sneak out my camera!

UGH......hopefully ill visit them next month sometime and get some good ones at the beach! horray.

i did get a few, but none i like too much.

thought the lens flare was cool here, she has these sticks she throws and does tricks with, she's really good too. it's so sweet, she puts a hat down in the market and makes herself a little cash :)

i think this is all i got from the 5 mins of camera time. they just kept running away. hmmm i definatly need to get them trained up again, like before. they used to be great! :)


E said...

Hey.. these are great I think.. such beautiful kids.. I am so excited to see all the pictures you have to come.. from your wedding party and your honeymoon.. Yeah.. I love the shot with the lens flare.. awesome...

Keira said...

Wow.. I just some how stumbled across your blog and was flicking through & I came back from my honeymoon same time as you! As I have been going through the same procrastination with my honemoon photos .. when did you get married? Ill probably figure that out if I flick page a few more posts!