Tuesday, 12 June 2007

second day of Little Eglantine

im SOOOO annoyed with myself after this shoot. i had my iso on the wrong settings from the night before for the WHOLE shoot and ruined it all!!! i got like 4 pics that were fine and the rest im trying to save with PS, but i doubt ill have much luck :(
Was a long day though with two 1yr old boys and two 4yr old girls! lucky for me they were best friends so were on best playing happy behaviour!

here are some i managed to save.....

i atually really like this one.

still proofing the little girls, if i can save any :(


Nadia said...

Ah that's too bad. I've done that once before. Lucky for me it was my family and not a client. Those are cute.

Didn't realize that was you that was commenting on my blog till I visited the link to your blog. ;)

e said...

Oh No.. I have done that too.. hate when that happens.. but I do like the ones you have saved so far.. really beautiful work Amelia..