Monday, 4 June 2007


so my damn blog managed to just STOP working and the whole this is just gone!!! grrr

well I'm starting again, so whats new? hmmmm
not a lot, I finally got our house sorted out all tidy and clean. which of course was the exact time my dad decided to get all of his things out from storage (4 huge crates) back from when he sold his place and moved to France, and get it delivered to our tiny little house. ARRRHHH its so stressful having all this junk around. we cant get to our washing machine, so Matt is running out of clean clothes for work and also there is no space for the ironing Bord, so their all crumpled! its insane.

this was our spare room :(

Kitchen ^^

Living room (no longer for living)

on a brighter side, i got some good chairs out of it, and some bookcases. and every object Ive had since the age of 7 haha.

I'm doing some photography for a beautiful children's designer our first shoot is on Wednesday, then all next week.

Oh, and i have a job starting July 4th taking care of my stepsisters baby. she's 5 months old and just too adorable! yay lots of pics, and can finally try out all my ideas and photography with her.

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E. said...

Well from what I can see your house looks really cute inspite of all your fathers stuff from storage.. would love to see once its all gone.. :)

Oh and watching your step sisters baby for the summer should be awesome.. I am sure you will get loads of amazing shots.